Fingerprints of Joy

Fingerprints of joyMy disabled daughter Laura has no fingerprints. That’s because in order to have fingerprints, you must have busy hands. Laura’s hands are warm to touch, but have little movement due to the paralysis she received upon being injured in a car accident when she was only eighteen months old. Still her hands are far from useless as I find that they are perfect for holding. Clasping my fingers around one of Laura’s warm hands often brings a smile to her face, a smile I love to receive, a smile I reflect back to her. But when I hold her small, misshapen hands, I feel as though I’m holding love itself, a love so pure it brings tears to my eyes. And you would think that with all the many difficulties my daughter must daily face, she would be devastated by her condition. Yet, my daughter never complains, instead she sings – happy, wordless songs of praise to a God she knows and loves. She sings out of the joy of her heart.

Thursday afternoons are special as a dear friend, Karis, stops by to give my daughter a fresh coat of colorful nail polish, decorating Laura’s nails with swiggles, bright colors, stickers and designs. Though Laura can’t raise her hands to admire her nails, she still loves to have a new coat of polish. She also loves it when we lift her arms, bringing her hands to her face. That’s when a little miracle happens— Laura extends her fingers so to look at her nails as she giggles in delight.

I’m always amazed by Laura’s joy; a joy she gladly shares to all in her life. She has a heart that sings when we play hymns of praise, a heart that ushers in the holy presence of God.

How I want to live like that—always in the presence of God; never mind my disabilities, my lack, my frustrations, or my fears. Never mind because God is near and my trust in him is complete.

So in other words, Laura has taught me to strive to be like her; to not only continually invite God into every area of my life, but to thank God for his many blessings.

Does Laura have blessings? Yes, she answers God’s highest call which is to love and to be loved. No wonder she is so filled with joy.

But what about you? Did you know that despite your difficulties, you can find joy when you count your blessings? It’s the best shortcut to happiness that I know. Let’s try it:

Dear Lord,

In all the stress and busyness of the season, help me to open my eyes to your goodness toward me. Turn on your light of truth so that I can see your great love, your patience and your presence in my life. In fact, I want to stop and thank you now for several things that you’ve done for me, including: (list your blessings here before God.)

Thank you.  

In Jesus name,



If you were having trouble thinking of blessings, then be glad that you had the opportunity to enjoy this article, or have access to a device on which you could view it. If you open your eyes, you’ll see that even though you have troubles and stressors, you also have blessings. Stop and focus on those and you’ll have no trouble greeting not only the season, but your life with joy.


Fingerprints of Joy from Linda Evans Shepherd’s book, The Stress Cure Praying Your Way to Personal Peace from Baker Revell. Click HERE for more information.